Shelley Posen Song Catalogue




A Basket’s Story Roseberry Road 2010
A Mazeldikeh Yor Mazel 2022
A Scottish Tale of Purim Menorah 2003
Akhehr Mazel 2022
All Right Ontario Moon 2019
And We Sang Ha Lakhma Anya Manna 2000
Angels to the Light Menorah 2005
Ani Adam Menorah 2007
At the Five and Rhyme Sharon, Lois, and Bram
(Skinnamarink TV)
Azey Geyn Di Yoren Manna 1998
Back at Bub’s Ontario Moon 2019
Bal Shem’s Soup Manna 2003
Bar Mitzvah Waltz Mazel 2022
Butter Tarts Roseberry Road 1997
Campfire Song Roseberry Road 2011
Canoeing My Troubles Away Roseberry Road, Canoesongs II 2005
Chanukah Christmas Mazel 2022
Chanukah Waltz Mazel 2022
Cholent Menorah 2007
Christmas at the Black Sheep Inn The Christmas Pudding 2007
Christmas Trilogy Finest Kind
(For Honour & For Gain)
Christmas Waltz The Christmas Goose 2003
Credo Ontario Moon 2019
Dance With Me Roseberry Road 2014
Denial Roseberry Road 2009
Dim Sum or One in a Minyan Menorah 2006
Don’t Make Me Sing Along – verses Roseberry Road 2005
Dressing Up Sharon, Lois, and Bram
(Silly & Sweet Songs)
Eliyahu Menorah 2004
Emily Ontario Moon 2019
Es Gezunt Manna 1997
Everyone Loves Shabbes
But the Chickens
Menorah 2005
Fa-Sol-La Finest Kind (Lost in a Song) 1990
Fade to Black Ontario Moon 2019
Finders, Kippers Menorah 2004
Fork Garden Menorah 2006
Four More Kashes Manna 1997
Gazebo on the Oswegatchie Roseberry Road 2011
Growing Up Jewish in Toronto Manna launch, Toronto 2004
Having A Drink With Jane The Old Songs’ Home 1983
Eve Goldberg
(Ever Brightening Day)
Claudia Schmidt
(Live at the Dakota)
Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne
(Sparkle & Shine)
Home for Shabbes Menorah 2005
Homen- Homentashen Manna 1993
I Missed You in My Dreams Last Night Old Loves 2022
I Want to Write a Standard Old Loves 2022
I Won’t Dance the Last Waltz with You The Old Songs’ Home 2000
I’ll See You Rosh Hashana Mazel 2022
I’m Terrific Sharon, Lois, and Bram
(Silly & Sweet Songs)
It Isn’t Enough Roseberry Road 1998
It’s For You Old Loves 2022
John Barleycorn Deconstructed Finest Kind
(For Honour & For Gain)
Khagim uZmanim Mazel 2022
La-La-Latke Song Manna 1996
Last Words Roseberry Road 2009
Light One Candle Cast the Darkness Out Manna 1996
Little Ice Shanty Life on Lake Champlain 1985
Long, Long Tunnel Old Loves 2022
Lord Knows, I Wish So Did I Roseberry Road 2012
Maybe We Should Just Make Love Old Loves 2022
Mazel Tov, Mazel (The Wedding Song) Mazel 2022
Miracles Mazel 2022
My Mother’s Latkes Manna 1995
My Mother’s Old Menorah Menorah 2005
Night Nurse Ontario Moon 2019
No More Fish No Fishermen The Old Songs’ Home 1996
Finest Kind (Heart’s Delight)
David Coffin (Last Trip Home)
Johnny Collins (Now & Then)
Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop
(Red Shoes)
Adam Miller (Orphan Train) .
Nothing Fancy Old Loves 2022
Old Loves Old Loves 2022
Old Songs’ Home The Old Songs’ Home 1998
On Chanukah Mazel 2022
Ontario Moon Ontario Moon 2019
Packed Mazel 2022
Part of Me Will Always Love You Roseberry Road 2011
Pompeii, Pompeii Old Loves 2022
Put the Latkes On to Fry Manna 1997
Ram in the Thicket Manna 2000
Roseberry Road Roseberry Road 2012
Rugelach Manna 1997
S’Mores Roseberry Road 2006
Salmon Poachers The Old Songs’ Home 1997
She’s Chocolate Cake The Old Songs’ Home 1997
Shepherd Menorah 2006
Sheyne Ponim Manna 1998
So How Come You Don’t Have Tongue Manna 2002
So Love, Goodbye Ontario Moon 2019
Street Corner Havdala Menorah 2005
Sugar Bush Breakfast Ontario Moon 2019
Tea Time Ontario Moon 2019
Thanks for the Song Roseberry Road 2008
The Best Song Ever Written Ontario Moon 2019
The Maple Leaf Forever (with Ian Robb) Finest Kind (Silks & Spices) 2003
Tis Now the Season of the Year Christmas Pageant, London, ON 2009
Used to Being Lonely Old Loves 2022
Walking in the Rain Ontario Moon 2019
We Never Talk Anymore Old Loves 2022
We’ll Get Through This Old Loves 2022
When I First Stepped in a Canoe Roseberry Road,
Canoesongs I
Will Their Children Light the Candles Menorah 2005
You Are All the Christmas That I Need Old Loves 2022
You Bet Your Sweet Patootie That I Do The Old Songs’ Home 1998
You Can Wish Me a Merry Christmas The Christmas Pudding 2011


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