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  1. I first heard and we sang Ha-lachma anya on a CBC afternoon show about 30 years ago, and actually bought the Cd on that basis. I played it for many people, even a Rabbi Stern of Shaarei Tefillah. He liked it too.I lost my copy when my car was broken into and all my CD’s were stolen and I haven’t found a copy since. I try to sing it (unfortunately without musical accompaniment) at the end of my Seders as a sort of family tradition. Some times a regular joins me HA!. I’m 68 and still get tears when I sing the second verse, as my grandparents did not survive Auschwitz, but I press on regardless. Thank you for a beautiful song. I also like the Deli song, Shayne Ponim and
    Azey Geyn di Yoren. . Your website saaaays I could get the verses, but the linkseeems to be broken. TGhanks for reading my ramblings. Live Long and Prosper an another member of the tribe has once said.

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