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Ontario Moon

1. Ontario Moon
2. Emily
3. The Best Song Ever Written
4. Credo
5. Sugar Bush Breakfast
6. Night Nurse
7. Back at Bub’s
8. So Love, Goodbye
9. Fade to Black
10. Tea Time
11. All Right
12. Walking in the Rain

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Roseberry Road

Roseberry Road 1. Roseberry Road
2. When I First Stepped in a Canoe
3. Lord Knows, I Wish So Did I
4. Butter Tarts
5. The Campfire Song
6. The Gazebo on the Oswegatchie
7. Last Words
8. It Isn’t Enough
9. Don’t Make Me Sing Along
10. The Basket’s Story
11. Part of Me Will Always Love You
12. Denial
13. Canoeing My Troubles Away
14. Dance With Me
15. S’mores
16. Thanks for the Song

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Menorah – Songs From a Jewish Life

Menorah - Songs from a Jewish Life 1. Dim Sum (or One in a Minyan)
2. Street Corner Havdala
3. Cholent
4. Fork Garden
5. Everyone Loves Shabbes but the Chickens
6. Eliyahu
7. A Scottish Tale of Purim
8. Shepherd
9. My Mother’s Old Menorah
10. Angels to the Light
11. Finders, Kippers
12. Will Their Children Light the Candles
13. Home for Shabbes
14. Ani Adam

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The Old Songs’ Home

The Old Songs' Home 1. The Old Songs’ Home
2. We’ll Drink the Old Jug Dry
3. She¹s Chocolate Cake
4. No More Fish, No Fishermen
5. Far Far Away in Australia
6. Having a Drink with Jane
7. The Foot of Collins Hill
8. Every Day
9. The Salmon Poachers
10. Case of Needles
11. William O’Brian
12. You Bet Your Sweet Patootie That I Do
13. If He’s Gone, Let Him Go
14. I Won’t Dance the Last Waltz with You

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Manna 1. The La-La-Latke Song
2. Four More Kashes
3. Es Gezunt!
4. Light One Candle
5. And We Sang ‘Ha Lakhma Anya’
6. Homen-Homentashen
7. Rogelakh
8. My Mother’s Latkes
9. The Bal Shem‘s Soup
10. Azey Geyn di Yoren
11. Put the Latkes on to Fry
12. Ram in the Thicket
13. Sheyne Ponim
14. So How Come You Don’t Have Tongue?

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