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These songs [on Manna] are the funniest I have heard since Tom Lehrer went into self-imposed retirement. The writing is seamless; the rhymes are Gilbertian, the performances sparkle. There isn’t a weak cut on the disc but some are so special they deserve superlatives. “So, How Come You Don’t Have Tongue?” has a lyric that Sylvia Fine might have invented and Posen navigates the machine gun lines like a trooper. I was totally knocked out by his tip of the yarmulke to his grandfather (“And We Sang Ha Lakhma Anya“). I cry every time I play that song. I have played this CD for three people and they have all bought copies for themselves and for family members. I know just how they feel.
— Mike Miller, Philadelphia Folksong Society Newsletter (January 2005)

I truly believe that Manna contains “classics” which deserve to be sung for generations.
—Robert Resnick, Vermont Public Radio

Posen’s voice is comfortable and comforting, like that of a friendly neighbour who can cast benign spells by telling us stories. His lyrics are playful, poignant, witty and insightful. … Posen seamlessly blends Hebrew, Yiddish and English throughout his songs, all of which are his own compositions and celebrate the warmth of Jewish family life in all its inter-generational love and drama. … It penetrates the heart.
Canadian Jewish News (December 2003)

A gezundt af dein keppele!
—Plymouth Meeting, PA

As we are madly packing stuff in the middle of our renovation, [“And We Sang ‘Ha Lakhma Anya’”] was playing on Stuart McLean’s CBC program. “Oh my God,” I said, “Who’s that singing?? What song is that??” I turned up the radio and sat down beside it, absorbing every word. Wow! You’ve got a winner here! Congratulations….I have to have your CD.

I had been searching for something that would be meaningful to pass on to my daughter and you provided it. This song tells better than most, the importance of our traditions and roots, and I thank you.

I feel like I’ve been taken care of by a master tummeler … I chuckled, I cried, I snickered, I got sentimental, I cried some more, oy, what a good time I had!
—Burlington, VT

You have such a sweet, musical, whimsical yet touching neshamah. Some of the songs made me laugh and some hurt for the truth they spoke, but the voice and the charm and sweetness were felt throughout.
—Rabbi C., Baltimore, MD

Well, what a pleasure, and that from an atheist. Menorah arrived Thursday as I was dashing out for a haircut. I listened all the way to and all the way back, including ‘Angels’ twice. I cry every time I hear it, and my family never said prayers or lit candles. You have the magic.
—Toronto, ON

Although I am Christian, I find a universality in your music that is very appealing.
—Copake, NY

We are in awe of the wide variety of musical styles and genres. And the humour and tenderness of the lyrics. You have produced a charming and delightful testament to your family and tradition—deeply personal, and yet not in a way that makes one uncomfortable with such deep sharing of life and family. What a treat!
—London, ON

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